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The College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland
Inaugural Seminar
Saturday 25th February 2006
Breaking the Ice Psychoanalysis in the Irish Scene
The College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland aims to encourage and facilitate open and free debate on topics of interest to the psychoanalytic community at large, from clinicians, to theoreticians, to the mildly curious. With this in mind our inaugural meeting will set us off on that path.

An Open Panel Discussion with the participation of the audience
on the politics, philosophy and clinic of psychoanalysis in Ireland.
Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis! Wherefore art thou ?
(on the following questions)
Where stands psychoanalysis in Ireland today?
Can different psychoanalytic approaches live together?
Can psychoanalysis speak to other psychotherapies, and can it listen?
What is a psychoanalytic training?
Who authorises the analytic position?
Panel: Hugh Arthurs, Olga Cox-Cameron, Helena Texier, Rob Weatherill
Chair: Patricia Stewart
Areas that we might address:
The Politics of Psychoanalysis:
1. What place does psychoanalysis occupy in Ireland?
2. Can different psychoanalytic approaches live together?
3. Is dialogue possible between psychoanalysis and other psychotherapies?
The Philosophy of Psychoanalysis:
1. Is psychoanalysis an art or a science?
2. Does psychoanalysis need to look to its philosophical underpinning?
3. Is psychoanalysis a totalising praxis?
The Psychoanalytic Clinic:
1. Is psychoanalysis reductive of the person?
2. What do we mean by interpretation?
3. What place does the ego occupy?
4. What do we mean by the subject?
5. What constitutes a psychoanalysis?
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