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Comments and Reports: Trauma, Body, Impasse

Psychoanalysis Ireland

 » Comments and Reports: Trauma, Body, Impasse

One-Day Clinical Seminar:
Trauma, Body, Impasse.        
7th October, 2006
Irish Writers’ Centre
Parnell Square North
Dublin 1
read presentations here:

Ingrid Masterson: Impasse

This stimulating and well attended seminar was ably chaired by Helena Texier. It was the third event organised by the College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland, which was only founded about a year ago. The four well chosen speakers provided for a cohesive seminar by reminding us that the ego is first and foremost a bodily ego, an observation that is all too often overlooked in contemporary psychoanalytic discourse.
All four presenters in their own competent ways dealt with the impact of trauma on the body, and with the varied impasses that may subsequently arise later on in psychoanalysis. Alan Rowan’s fascinating and scholarly paper was from a Lacanian perspective that linked language to embodied experience. Ingrid Masterson’s masterly focus was more on the complex nature of impasse in the clinical setting. Rob Weatherill with lucid and erudite clarity challenged us all to ponder on the full depravity of the death drive. Last but not least, Ann Cox mindfully brought us back to the brain and the complex workings of the nervous system in the context of dealing with trauma in therapy, which is an apt reminder that Freud was after all a neurologist.
There was a refreshingly contemporary feel to this most successful seminar, which ended with a very lively discussion in which most of those present participated. It was an enjoyable day’s work indeed for all of those concerned.
Michelo DelMonte, Ph.D.,
Principal Psychologist.
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