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PARIS, 26-29 JUNE, 2009
Join us in Paris for our 10th International Congress
Who needs it?
26 to 29 June 2009.
The Educational Day (Friday 26 June) and the Research Day (Monday 29 June) will be in English. There will be simultaneous translation into English and French at the Congress (Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June).
Neuropsychoanalysis has been the major international development within psychoanalysis in recent decades. However, opinions differ as to whether it will have a positive or negative impact on the future of the discipline. At this Congress, the leading exponents of the new approach will present their findings and discuss their points of view with some of France’s outstanding psychoanalytic and neuroscientific authorities. The Unconscious, child development, and the clinical applications of neuropsychoanalysis in particular will be discussed. The Congress will be an historical event, the impact of which will be felt for many years to come.
Speakers at the Congress include:
André Green, Catherine Morin, Lionel Naccache,
Georg Northoff, Philippe Rochat, René Roussillon,
Howard Shevrin, Mark Solms, Daniel Stern, Daniel Widlöcher and Yoram Yovell
The Educational Day (Friday 26 June) precedes the Congress. Its aim is to provide an introductory overview of the brain for people with little or no background in neuroscience, with a focus on brain functions which are of interest for psychoanalysts. Speakers at the Educational Day will not assume prior knowledge of brain anatomy and function. However, the comprehensive interdisciplinary scope of these introductory talks makes them useful to those with existing knowledge. This event will be in English only. Speakers include:
Peter Freed and Maggie Zellner: Methods in neuroscience
Mark Solms: Working analytically with neurological patients
Eric Stremler: History of NPSA
Yoram Yovell: Mind-Body relationships
The Research Day (Monday 29 June) is an open session. Submissions for this component of the Congress are invited. Abstracts on work which is (a) at the interface between psychoanalysis and neuroscience and (b) of an empirical nature (including analytic case reports of neurological patients) are welcome. Research on the topics of the Congress is particularly welcome (the Unconscious, child development, and the clinical applications of neuropsychoanalysis). This day will be in English only.
Submissions for posters are also welcome; presentations on empirical work which combines neuropsychological or neurobiological research with psychoanalytic perspectives are of particular interest.
Abstracts (maximum 500 words for presentations; 250 words for posters) by 1 March.
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