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The College of Psychoanalysts is a collegiate which has as its common purpose the pursuit of projects for the furtherance of psychoanalysis and all of its applications, theoretical, clinical and cultural; and which will develop these projects with intellectual openness and through diversity and debate.
Our ethos is one of collaborative enterprise in pursuit of agreed aims. We each declare our involvement in this enterprise by way of a project of work that is appropriate to our own particular interest in psychoanalysis. This work contributes to the overall aim of the college. Within that context, it may take any form that best expresses our particular skills and interests. The result shall be made available to the wider community.
The college is committed to working in a way which fosters and promotes psychoanalysis in Ireland in all of the areas where a psychoanalytic approach lends another valuable perspective to humanity and its pursuits. Our intention is to foster and support psychoanalysis as a clinical praxis, as a valuable perspective on human society and culture, and as a way of expanding human understanding. Many members will already be contributing by virtue of their clinical work and out of an engagement with their own personal analyses. By declaring a commitment to psychoanalysis founded on the writings of Sigmund Freud, and taking account of subsequent developments in theory and practice, we do not offer allegiance to any one particular ideological orientation within the field of psychoanalysis. Within this spirit the following aims are specified:
  • To support and communicate the development of psychoanalytic knowledge as a general theory of human existence and to provide the means of access to information about psychoanalysis as such and as a treatment for human mental suffering.
  • To develop and make available to diverse audiences projects which would contribute to any aspect of the above aim, including the provision of lectures to the public and to clinicians.
  • To develop an organisation for the furthering of psychoanalysis and to ensure and promote an internal culture where a diversity of psychoanalytic theories and techniques are valued and can be debated with intellectual openness.
  • To contribute to the development of psychoanalysis as a practice in its own right.
  • To provide and/or support psychoanalytic treatment.
  • To disseminate knowledge about psychoanalysis, to health and allied professionals and to those who are seeking treatment.
  • To promote the contribution of the discipline of psychoanalysis to public and intellectual life.
  • To form mutually collaborative clinical and academic links with other organisations and individuals which support the furtherance of the above aims.
  • To work as appropriate with and/or within national and international organisations in the interests of psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic profession.
  • To publish literature (via website, books,and/or pamphlets) which would contribute to any or all of the above.
  • To facilitate access to therapists working psychoanalytically.
Governance of the College
Our structures of governance establish and foster an environment of involvement and participation on the part of all members. With this in mind, we have avoided hierarchical arrangements as far as possible. While taking due account of any legal requirements, we agree to pursue a systemic approach that is open, organic, and non-bureaucratic and that remains a “work in progress” rather than a concretised entity.
Membership of the College
We welcome those who demonstrate a commitment to psychoanalysis in their clinical work, in their engagement in a personal analysis, in their involvement in ongoing learning, and in their willingness to share actively in the work of the College.
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