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Melanie Klein

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In April 2005 a group of psychoanalysts in Ireland came together to form the College of Psychoanalysts. The term 'college' in the title does not refer to a building or an academic institution. Rather, it serves to convey the notion of 'collegiality', a concept deriving from the Latin com (meaning with) and legare (meaning to choose).
The guiding idea here is a simple one: the college will comprise psychoanalysts who choose to work together to further psychoanalysis, particularly in Ireland, notwithstanding their membership of other psychoanalytic organisations. Furthermore, that idea of 'choosing to work with' extends to the theories and practice of past generations of psychoanalysts. So the college affirms the place of the long tradition of psychoanalysts and theorists, beginning with Sigmund Freud, and confirms that it chooses to work with their legacy.
This approach has consequences. It determines both the ethos and the aims of the group. In choosing to work in this way the college refuses to adopt any ideological position which would serve to appropriate the whole of psychoanalysis to itself while excluding the contributions of those from outwith that perspective. This culminates in our

Mission Statement

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