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J Lacan
J Lacan

Welcome to Psychoanalysis Ireland

The Psychoanalysis Ireland website, psychoanalysis.ie, is maintained by the College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland in order to inform the interested public about psychoanalysis in general and about its particular presence here in Ireland. The website also carries a publicly accessible online

list of psychoanalytic practitioners

with contact details.

The College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland is regularly organising a number of events of varying sorts public lectures, clinical seminars, workshops at which psychoanalysts of varying formations may enter into what we expect will be a fruitful dialogue. Details of these and other


 will be posted on this site.
The website will also provide a space for communication amongst the membership, for the airing of views on matters both practical and theoretical, and for free and open debate.

For further information on the College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland, follow the links on the left of the page.
The College of Psychoanalysts in Ireland is run on a not-for-profit basis.

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